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Hague Protocol 1955

Protocol to Amend the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, Signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929, Done at The Hague On 28 September 1955 - The Hague Protocol to the Warsaw Convention 1955 
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Warsaw 1929 Convention

The complete warsaw convention signed at 1929 can be read in the this text.
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Shipper's and Carrier's Responsibility

Responsibilities of shipper and carrier's liability is reflecetd here from TACT book. The related reference codes also mentioned in front of the items. 
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Tejarat Rule - Different type of companies

This text is written in persian language and it talks about the rules governing the registration of different type of companies like limited liability, etc....
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Cargo Insurance

Insurance of cargo and different types of it. It is written in Persian language.
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L/C Types

Text is written in Persian Language. It talks about definition of LC and different type of L/C that is being used by merchants
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This text is written in persian language. it talks about the definition of different terms and talks about the responsibilities of seller and buyer and the risk and charge transfer points 
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Incoterms 2013 Chart

Chart of Incoterms 2013 that shows the responsibility of shipper and consignee and the risk and charges transfer points as well as documentations responsibilities
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Container Sizes

You can find the exact dimension of different type of vessel containers from normal to open top, etc...
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TACT Rules

In attached file you may find few reference numbers from TACT rules book and you may find the information more easily. In front of each part you can find the related reference number on IATA TACT Rules book. 
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